Karen Snow

Accounting Specialist

Karen is a Maine native, hailing from the Portland area where she raised her family too. She worked in banking where she gained numerous skills while traveling between a dozen plus local branch offices prior to settling into the accounting area of the bank. She went to real estate school then left banking to pursue that interest further. Her background is mainly in real estate as a multi-family owner then as a Realtor in Greater Portland. Karen found her work as a Realtor very fulfilling; she enjoyed the interactions with other professionals in real estate and related industries as much as meeting the goals of her buyers and sellers.

In 2003 Karen moved to Phoenix, she began working in construction and development related business offices. This led to her joining Red Mountain Management, an HOA management group in January 2006. She’s been a community manager and office manager with the group. Her many skills in management, real estate and accounting have served the entire staff and client portfolio well for 14 plus years. She brought these highly desired skills to the Ogden Arizona office in March 2020.

She’s also studied Life Coaching at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Outside the office Karen enjoys spending time with family and friends, dining out, cooking, music, movies, travel or a good card game.